How Does it Work?

Our main focus area is “scaling.” We wish to create different market opportunities for startups and help them create clear strategies for scaling. Our services include, but are not limited, to the following areas:


Our expert mentors are eager to provide assistance and guide entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics including design, growth, marketing, etc.

Introduction to New Global Markets

 We are constantly striving to help small businesses expand their reach and provide opportunities to help them introduce their products and/or services in new and innovative global markets.


Prior to setting up a startup, individuals must prioritize their goals and formulate a basic strategy to achieve these goals. This may include forming a team, raising capital and so on. Our team of seasoned professionals works together with founders to develop effective strategies.

Business Scale-Up

At ECD, we help businesses to devise and implement solutions at scale by working in close coordination with governmental organizations, businesses and the society at large.


Funding is often one of the main concerns of startup owners. We help them alleviate these concerns by providing them with affordable investment solutions.

Whom Do We Cater To?

We support early-stage and post early-stage startups in their journey towards growth.